New ways to save money: Bargain hunting

New ways to save money: Bargain hunting

On a budget? Cut your checkout bill with our tips and HFG readers’ money-saving secrets.

Get to know the staff

Talk to the department managers, like the butcher, in supermarkets. These people are passionate about their products, and can give great advice about economical cuts and how to cook them. Likewise, wine managers can suggest many a good drop for under $10.
– Normal shopping bill $150
Shopping bill after getting advice $130
SAVE $20

Use unit pricing

The biggest box isn’t always the cheapest! Compare the unit price – the price per 100g.
– 2.5kg washing powder $11
– 1kg washing powder $4

Do a basics bulk shop once a month

Stock up monthly on the basics. Bulk-buying saves time, petrol and money. You’ll only need a weekly top up shop for perishables (milk, bread, veges).
– Shopping weekly $150/week
– Shopping monthly $130/week
SAVE $20

Go online

Check out the specials, then plan your weekly menu and shopping list accordingly. Currently, only Foodtown and Woolworths have online shopping sites, but other supermarkets and meat outlets display their weekly specials, so you can get the best deals.

Some to check out:
– Buying chicken for dinner $10
– Buying chicken on special $6
– SAVE $4

Buy specials wisely

It’s common for supermarkets to sell popular products at good prices. Take advantage of these excellent deals – known as ‘loss leaders’ – but don’t be lured into buying unnecessary, higher-priced items.
– Normal price of cereal $5
– Discounted price of cereal $2.50
SAVE $2.50

First published: Feb 2009

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