Ask the experts: Berocca

Q: "My friends have different opinions about Berocca. What's your view? I feel better when I use it so it seems like I must need it?"


A: Nutritionist Claire Turnbull responds:

"If you do feel better on a supplement like this, it may indicate your diet is short of the vitamins and minerals found in Berocca. It would therefore be much better for your long term health to look at what you are eating to see how you can improve your diet. Eating the right types of foods is definitely the way to go for better all-round health.

  • To boost your vitamin B – eat more green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, lentils and beans, grainy bread 
  • To boost your vitamin C – eat more fresh fruits, particularly kiwifruit, oranges and berries
  • To boost your calcium – eat more milk, yogurt and cheese – or calcium enriched alternatives, eg. soy products
  • To boost your magnesium – eat more nuts, seafood, green vegetables, zinc, seafood, red meat, liver

Having a Berroca a day is unlikely to be harmful as the vitamins it contains are water soluble so what you don't need is flushed out. Also, the amount of the minerals is quite small, so for most people, wouldn't overload their system."

First published: Jun 2009

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