Ask the experts: Corn chips

Q: "We like nachos (corn chips) but I wonder about their fat content. Are there any tests done to let us know which are the best to eat, or have the least fat?"


A: Nutritionist Bronwen King responds:

"Corn chips are not much lower in fat than regular potato chips. The varieties I found in my supermarket ranged from 25–30% fat (potato chips were mainly around 32%). Even though there is a slight variation in nutritional value (check the nutrition information panel on the package), they are too high in kilojoules, too high in sodium and too low in useful nutrients to be anything but a very occasional food for children. I would recommend small portions only and no more than once a week. Serving them as nachos, ie with tomato, chilli beans, avocado and cheese improves their nutrient value, particularly if the filling to corn chip ratio is high."

First published: Jul 2007

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