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Ask the experts: Formula

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Ask the experts: Formula

Q: What is the difference between blue cow's milk and toddler formula? Is toddler formula better for a healthy, active, non-fussy, 400ml of milk a day, non-vegetarian toddler aged 1-2 years?


A: Nutritionist Claire Turnbull replies:

"Toddler formula is similar to blue top milk in terms of its energy (kJ) and protein content, but has added nutrients often including vitamins A, C and D as well as iron, zinc and sometimes iodine and omega-3.

Toddlers are at an active and growing stage in their lives and do need a wide variety of good nutritious foods, ideally 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. The main concern with toddlers is ensuring they get enough protein, iron and calcium, as well as fruits and vegetables, particularly when they are fussy! This is one reason why formulas have been developed, to help reach nutritional balance as some toddlers do fall short.

However, if your toddler is not fussy and has a healthy appetite, will eat a wide variety of foods as well as blue top milk and other dairy products, they are unlikely to need a toddler formula. Just ensure the meals and snacks they have include a little red meat for iron, fish for omega-3, a variety of coloured fruits and vegetables as well as breads, cereals, dairy and healthy fats. You could also try the new 'super blue' milk which has added vitamin D and is higher in calcium than regular blue top milk."

First published: Mar 2009
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