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How to make your snacks more filling

Snack box of berries and nuts

Dietitian Marika Day explains how to make snacks more satisfying.

Q I snack on healthy foods such as fruit, rice crackers and low-fat yoghurt, but never feel satisfied. How can I make these foods more filling?

Annaliese, via email

A First and foremost, ensure your main meals are rich in hunger-busting protein and fibre so that, come snack time, you’re not starving. Satisfying meals will have a starchy carbohydrate, such as potato, wholegrain bread, rice, pasta or legumes like lentils or chickpeas, plus a protein such as chicken, fish, eggs or tofu. For example, you might have eggs on wholegrain toast with mushrooms or tomato or a stir-fry with vegetables, chicken and brown rice.

To make your snacks more filling, make sure they include healthy fats or protein. Pair fresh fruit with nuts or nut butter, rice cakes with smoked salmon or avocado, and add some seeds or nuts to a high-protein yoghurt.

Fat and protein help to stabilise blood sugars and increase the satiation of meals and snacks. They also provide a few more calories than just having fruit or rice crackers on their own, all of which lead to feeling fuller for longer.

Date modified: March 24 2022
First published: Mar 2022

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