Ask the experts: Skincare for coeliacs

Ask the experts: Skincare for coeliacs

Q: "With coeliac disease where you cannot eat anything containing gluten, where do people with coeliac disease stand with using wheat bags and skincare products that contain wheat, oats and the like? Does it affect them? Or does wheat have to be ingested to have a reaction?"


A: Nutritionist Cindy Williams explains:

"You are right: gluten must be ingested to cause a reaction in people with coeliac disease. If it doesn't get to the small intestine, it doesn't cause a reaction. Gluten-containing skincare products and wheat bags cannot cause a reaction because the gluten is not eaten. Of course, it is possible to experience a reaction to skincare products for other reasons. You may also want to be careful with gluten-containing dental products and products used on the lips, although research suggests that such miniscule amounts will not cause a problem."

First published: Aug 2009
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