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What is salt-reduced stock?

Q: “I’m trying to cut down on my sodium to lower my blood pressure. Your recipes often use salt-reduced stock cubes, powder or liquid. Where do I get these? Which ones do you recommend?”


A: There are some good options available now which make choosing and using stock a little easier. The best option, as you might expect, is homemade stock, which has no added salt and is very low in sodium. Fresh refrigerated brands like Essential Cuisine are similar to homemade, so a good option. On the shelf, look for stocks that are ideally less than 320mg sodium per 100ml when made up — even better if it’s below 200mg.

In general ‘low sodium’ or ‘salt-reduced’ varieties will be the best. Choose from powder, liquid or reduced gel-type stock such as Continental Stock Pot, which has a good salt-reduced version that can be added to water or other liquids and gives good flavour.

If you can’t find any salt-reduced stock that you like, use regular versions but dilute them with more water than specified in the instructions.

Date modified: 20 July 2020
First published: Sep 2012


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