Roasty hippo

Roasty veges are the go now the weather is getting cooler. I love to cook up a big tray of potatoes, kumara and pumpkin and then add in beetroot, parsnips, Brussels sprouts or other things I have in the fridge.

I made a simple hippo from some roast veg. Easy to do and makes dinner so exciting.



  • potato
  • kumara (or use all pumpkin)
  • pumpkin (or use all kumara)
  • broccoli, peas, green beans (use any green veg you have on hand)


Step 1 Put cut pieces of potato together to make a rough body shape (mine would be different every time dependent upon the potato pieces!).

Step 2 Add some pumpkin legs.

Step 3 Make some jaws from kumara. I also added a small piece to rest the eye on later.

Step 4 I added a pumpkin ear.

Step 5 Then used the inside of the potato and a bit of darkened skin to make the eye and pupil.

Step 6 I scooped out a little of the inside of a potato for the teeth.

Step 7 And gave her a tail.

Step 8 A few greens for the ground and she’s all finished!


Judith Yeabsley is a mum of two boys who is
passionate about healthy food for kids. Her blog
The Art of Nutrition is a popular place to find
inspiration for fun, healthy, creative food for kids
big and small. Judith describes her mission as
“how to present healthy food creatively so it is
delicious looking and impulse-creating, so kids
can’t wait to tackle the plate”. The focus is fruit, vegetables and whole
grains. The plates are designed to be made by the average time-poor
parent, in the average kitchen, using readily available ingredients and
working on a budget.

First published: May 2014
Last updated: April 3 2017
Last science review: October 10 2016

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