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10 ways with frozen vegetables

frozen mixed vegetables

Frozen vegetables are as nutritious as fresh and budget-friendly.  Here are 10 clever ways to make the most of this convenient freezer staple and up your daily veg count.

1 Toss frozen chopped mixed vegetables through a stir-fry along with grilled chicken or tofu.

2 Boil frozen cauliflower florets, then mash with milk and a sprinkle of cheese for a lighter alternative to mashed potato, or add them to your mash for a lighter side.

3 Sauté frozen green beans with garlic and onion, then top with some breadcrumbs and parmesan and bake until crisp.

4 Snack on a serve of thawed edamame beans topped with dried chilli flakes.  These are also great for kids’ lunchboxes (minus the chilli).

5 Steam a pouch of frozen mixed vegetables to simply accompany fish or steak.

6 Defrost frozen spinach and blitz with yoghurt and mint for a healthy dip.

7 Add frozen broccoli florets to a pot of boiling pasta two minutes before draining.

8 Pour a cup of frozen peas into your frittata mix before you begin baking.

9 Pop defrosted, shelled broad beans in a fresh salad alongside watercress and seafood of your choice.

10 Fry some frozen corn kernels in a pan over a high heat for a cheat’s version of barbecued corn cobs.


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