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4 reasons to shop for custard apples

Reasons to shop for Custard apples

During the cooler months, you’ll see more of these spiky green fruits on shelves.

With creamy flavour and a texture similar to but silkier than ripe pears, custard apples are well worth adding to your shopping trolley.


Just 100g of custard apple contains 2.5g of gut-loving fibre. That’s around 10 per cent of your entire day’s needs.

Vitamin C boost

You’ll get almost all of your daily vitamin C requirements in 100g of custard apple. Vitamin C is important for immune function and iron absorption.

Smart snack

There’s just 326kJ (78cal) in 100g of custard apple, making them a light n’ lovely snack when you’re feeling peckish between meals.

Tropical tang

Custard apples have a unique flavour profile — they’re the perfect blend of tropical, creamy and sweet. Delish!

3 culinary creations with custard apples:

  • Use custard apples in place of regular apples in a hearty custard apple crumble
  • Whip up a custard apple chutney using custard apples, onion, herbs and spices
  • Fold custard apple through your go-to banana bread batter before baking

Date modified: 4 September 2023
First published: August 2023


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