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Everyday choices: Café breakfast

Eating breakfast at a café is enjoyable and can be healthy, depending on what you choose. We look at a couple of egg-based options to compare energy, saturated fat and sodium.

Eggs benedict

3980kJ (952cal): 33g saturated fat; 3g fibre; 2670mg sodium

Two poached eggs on one muffin, with four rashers of eye bacon and four tablespoons (or more) of hollandaise sauce.


Poached eggs with a tomato side

1510kJ (361cal): 3g saturated fat; 6g fibre; 470mg sodium

Two poached eggs on two slices of grainy toast with a side of tomato.

Unless we’re about to go out and log some trees, the kilojoules in eggs benedict are likely to be considerably more than we need for breakfast, plus we’re getting 140 per cent of the saturated fat we need in an average day (our poor arteries), and more than the recommended daily upper amount for sodium (mind the blood pressure!).

Poached eggs with grainy toast and a side of tomatoes is a much better option with:

  • 62% fewer kilojoules
  • 91% less saturated fat
  • twice the fibre
  • 82% less sodium
First published: April 2017