Fresh ideas for picnics

Fresh ideas for picnics

Dust off your picnic rug — these handy lunch ideas are as healthy as they are tasty. Simply pack, stack and go!

1. Stuff grainy rolls with crisp, colourful salad for crunch and flavour.
2. Create a fruity, fresh salad. Try these delicious combos:

  • prawn and mango
  • strawberry, feta and balsamic
  • peach, rocket and walnut
3. Bite-sized savoury vege muffins and frittatas are a picnic winner, and easy to eat with no utensils!
4. Quench your thirst with fruit-infused water. Fill a jar with fruit, mint and water, and as the day wears on the fruity flavour will intensify.
5. Skip salty chips and crackers, and graze on an array of nourishing snack bites. Mix and match from:

  • carrot and celery sticks
  • spiced chickpeas
  • mini pretzels
  • pistachio nuts
  • hummus
  • grainy crackers
6. Treats don’t come any sweeter than dark chocolate-dipped fresh strawberries. They’re the perfect balance of naughty and nice.

Top tip

Make your picnic portable and mess-free by using smart containers!

First published: April 2017


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