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Healthy fridge and freezer favourites

Recipe consultant Phil Mundy puts together your ingredient must-haves so you know how to restock your fridge with healthier eats.

Healthy cooking and eating is so much easier if you’ve got the right materials in the fridge, so don’t let it become a dumping ground for forgotten half-empty and out of date jars.

Fridge favs


Low-fat natural yogurt, low-fat spread, reduced-fat feta and a hard mature cheese (choose cheeses with a strong flavour so you won’t need as much).

  • Tip: Grate cheeses before storing, ready to use.

Veg and fruit

I find potatoes, carrots, celery and parsnips the most versatile. Citrus fruits keep better and longer in the fridge and add pep to almost any dish.

  • Tip: Keeping veg wrapped in their packaging once opened will help retain freshness – the circulating air in a fridge dries things out, so wrapping helps them retain moisture.

Freezer favs

Wholegrain Bread

Opt for high-fibre, higher-protein bread to keep you fuller for longer.

  • Tip: Buy ready sliced so you can thaw it quickly or toast straight from the freezer.

Mixed veg and berries

I use peas or soy beans, leaf spinach and sliced peppers in recipes all the time. Keep mixed berries on hand to add to smoothies, crumbles, yogurt or porridge.

  • Tip: Frozen soy beans and sliced peppers are much cheaper than fresh.

Prepared fish

I like fish pie mixes for a speedy pie, pasta sauce or chowder.

  • Tip: A pack of cooked or raw prawns is a useful standby for stir-fries and pasta sauces.


Buy big bunches of soft herbs such as basil, parsley, coriander and mint, freeze, then crumble into small containers to sprinkle as needed.


Choose lean beef or a vegetarian alternative.


Nuts keep for ages in an airtight container in the freezer, ideal if you have a warm kitchen and are always finding spoiled half-used packs in the cupboard.

Batch cook

Make the most of the new-found space in your freezer! Cook big batches of basic tomato sauce and roasted veg, then bag and label for quick, healthy meals.

Try these freezer-friendly meal ideas, full of healthy vegetables, hunger-busting protein and fibre-filled whole grains, then freeze in single-serve containers.

Freezer guide

Not sure how long to store frozen food? Download this handy guide that gives you the recommended maximum times for freezing foods, to maintain the best quality.


For more pantry essentials, we recommend: Healthy pantry checklist and 9 of the best affordable pantry staples.


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