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How much energy is in those crackers?

Crackers are easy to munch on and often, before we know it, the packet has gone! They can be higher in energy (kilojoules) than we realise, so it’s good to keep an eye on the number we eat and the energy per serve.

We compare the energy per serve of crackers with the energy in a sandwich slice of mixed grain bread (320kJ). We’ve tried to provide realistic serve sizes of the crackers, so the number and the grams per serve vary.

(Products listed in order of best to worst.)

Healtheries Thin Corn Grain Wafers
Grains & Sunflower Seeds
140 kJ per 2 crackers (9g)
Huntley & Palmers Litebread
200kJ per 2 crackers (13g)
Pams Wholegrain Brown Rice Crackers
Flaxseed & Black Sesame
214kJ per 5 crackers (13g)
Ryvita Rye Crispbread
289kJ per 2 crackers (20g)
Carr’s Table Water Crackers
300kJ per 5 crackers (17g)
Peckish Brown Rice Crackers
No Salt
362kJ per 10 crackers (20g)
Fantastic Rice Crackers
380kJ per 13 crackers (25g)
Ceres Organics Rice Crackers
Black Sesame
398kJ per 13 crackers (25g)
Huntley & Palmers Cream Crackers
500kJ per 3 crackers (27g)
Griffin’s Meal Mates
The Original Poppy & Sesame Crackers
560kJ per 4 crackers (26g)
Huntley & Palmers Cheese Crackers
Tasty Cheese
600kJ per 4 crackers (27g)
Arnott’s Vita-Weat Lunch Slices
Soy Linseed & Sesame
646kJ per 2 crackers (38g)

Date modified: 3 May 2017
First published: April 2017


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