How much saturated fat is in that biscuit?

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How much saturated fat is in that biscuit?

The range of biscuits in the supermarket is vast. Chocolate, fruit, crème, shortbread, oat, plain, malt, to name just a few. We know they tend to be high in sugar but many are also high in saturated fat.

In an average 8700kJ day, we’re advised to get no more than 23g of saturated fat. We show what percentage of that 23g can be found in a biscuit serve. Serve sizes vary as we have tried to make them realistic.

Note: To keep saturated fat down, keep the serve size down. Have one rather than two biscuits and save those higher in saturated fat for a treat!

(Products listed in order from best to worst.)

Zesti Biscotti Almond
18g / 2 biscuits

= 0.3g saturated fat

Griffin’s Gingernuts
25g / 2 biscuits

= 1.4g saturated fat

Nairns Oatcakes
20g / 2 biscuits

= 1.5g saturated fat

Arnott’s Tiny Teddy Chocolate 10-Pack
1 x 25g pack

= 1.6g saturated fat

Oreo Original
19.6g / 2 biscuits

= 1.9g saturated fat

Budget Choc Chip Cookies
18g / 1 biscuit

= 2g saturated fat

Griffin’s Toffee Pops Original
17g / 1 biscuit

= 2.5g saturated fat

Griffin’s Krispie
17g / 2 biscuits

= 2.5g saturated fat

Arnott’s TimTam White
18.3g / 1 biscuit

= 3.8g saturated fat

Ernest Adams Double Choc Cookies Gluten Free
22g / 1 cookie

= 5.5g saturated fat

Griffin’s Butter Shortbread
34g / 2 biscuits

= 7g saturated fat

Cookie Time Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie
85g / 1 cookie

= 12.2g saturated fat

First published: Apr 2016

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