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How much sugar is in that iced tea?

Iced teas can be a delicious and refreshing summer drink, but check the nutritional information panel as the sugar content may give you a fright!

Serve sizes

These vary. A 500ml bottle may say it’s either one or two serves, but once the bottle is opened, chances are you’ll drink it all.

We’ve compared the sugar content per serve to 1 teaspoon of sugar (5g – in line with New Zealand’s official food measurements*).

*11th edition of New Zealand Food Composition Tables published by the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research and the Ministry of Health

(Products listed in order from best to worst.)

Red Seal Raspberry & Strawberry Hot or Cold Brew
0g sugar per 1 cup serve
Lipton Light Ice Tea Peach Flavour
<0.1g sugar per 250ml serve
Ti Tonics Super Tea Nectarine
2.8g sugar per 350ml serve
Strawberry and lime iced tea
7g sugar per 240ml serve
Kombucha Nutrition by Nature Ginger Blue
9.8g sugar per 250ml serve
Quarterpast Blueberry & Green Tea Real Fruit Tea Concentrate
17.2g sugar per 250ml serve
Ovi Hydration Berry
20g sugar per 500ml serve
Teza Real Leaf Organic Tea Velvetberry
20.6g sugar per 325ml serve
Fuze Tea Green Tea
21g sugar per 500ml serve
Kombucha Wonder Drink Traditional Kombucha
24g sugar per 414ml serve
Lipton Ice Tea Raspberry Flavour
26.1g sugar per 500ml serve
Arizona Blueberry White Tea
42.5g sugar per 500ml serve

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