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How to boost iron at breakfast

Cereal can be an important and easy source of iron, if you choose well.

While cereals and nuts contain varying amounts of iron many breakfast cereals aren’t naturally high in iron. They’re often fortified with certain vitamins and minerals, including iron, to help people get enough in their daily diet.

If you’re concerned about your iron intake, or feeding a child or teenage girl, choosing a breakfast cereal higher in iron can be a good way to help meet daily requirements.

Listing iron on the nutrition information panel is not required but is permitted. So manufacturers often list the iron content when cereals are fortified or naturally higher in iron. Checking the ingredients list will show whether your breakfast cereal is fortified with iron.

Having some fresh fruit on your cereal adds some vitamin C, helping your body absorb as much iron as possible from your breakfast.

The recommended dietary intake (RDI) for adult men is 8mg iron daily and, for adult women (aged up to 50 years), it’s 18mg daily. Once women reach menopause, they only need the same amount as men.


Date modified: 23 February 2023
First published: Apr 2019


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