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Luscious lychees

There are tonnes of reasons to love the prickly, pink-skinned lychee, a fruit that adds an exotic nutritional twist to both mains and desserts.

Sweet benefits

With 10 lychees contributing just 296kJ (71cal), they’re the perfect light and refreshing summer fruit. Plus, they’re rich in immunity-boosting vitamin C and gut-friendly fibre.

Pretty in pink

To choose the perfect lychee, look for fruit that’s pink or red. Lychees don’t ripen after they have been harvested, so enjoy them soon after purchase.

Fast and versatile

Sweet and juicy lychees pair well with a range of flavours, from a tropical, fruity cocktail to a rich duck curry. Fresh or canned, lychees add a subtle hint of sweetness.

Date modified: 24 November 2022
First published: November 2022


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