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Shopping for foods with less salt

Most of us eat far too much salt — in fact, one and a half times the recommended maximum daily sodium intake of 2300mg.

There is strong evidence that excess sodium in our diet raises blood pressure and increases our risk of heart disease and stroke. Most of the sodium in our diet comes from processed foods rather than from salt we add ourselves, so choosing lower-sodium packaged foods is important.

Here are a few of our picks. Any product examples given here are correct at time of publication. However, remember to check the ingredients and nutrition information every so often, as these can change over time.

Bürgen Wholemeal & Seeds Toast
299mg sodium per two slices (360mg per 100g)

Well below the Heart Foundation target of 400mg per 100g. Nice one, Bürgen!

Value Pack Roasted Unsalted Almonds
1mg sodium per 25g serve

All the benefits of heart-healthy almonds without added salt.

Ceres Organics Baked Beans Low Sodium
180mg sodium per 200g serve (1/2 can)

This family staple has about 80 per cent less sodium than regular baked beans.

Bouton d’or Cow’s Milk Feta Reduced Salt
210mg sodium per 30g serve

40 per cent less sodium than in regular feta!

Peckish Brown Rice Crackers
11mg sodium per 20g serve (around 10 crackers)

A cracker with no added salt! Delicious!

Date modified: 5 July 2018
First published: April 2017


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