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Shopping for less sodium

Want a positive impact on your health? Watch your salt intake by simply reading the labels more carefully.

Why do we need to read labels?  Two products might look very similar but have a very different nutrition profile.

Way back in 2011 we looked at five sets of similar products that had very different sodium contents.  Don’t assume they will look the same today.  Check the nutrition information.

Instead of Choose
Wattie’s or Leggo tomato purée
215mg per 1/4 cup
Delmaine Italian Tomato Puree
77mg per 1/4 cup
64% less
Sealord pink salmon 
398mg per 85g serve
Sealord No Added Salt Salmon
293mg per 85g serve
26% less
Campbell’s Real Chicken Stock (standard)
1118mg per cup
Campbell’s Real Chicken Stock – Salt Reduced
625mg per cup
44% less
Standard feta cheese
480mg per 40g serve
Ornelle Chèvre Salade goat’s milk feta cheese
220mg per 40g serve
54% less
MacKenzie High Country Bread Station Seed & Grain
525mg per 100g
Molenberg Balance bread
400mg per 100g
24% less

Total for all five swaps

WAS 2736mg, NOW 1615mg
SAVE 1121mg sodium (41% less)

In context

If you have high blood pressure, reducing your sodium intake can help. Around 80 per cent of our intake is from processed foods, so learn to read the labels and compare products. Higher intakes of sodium are strongly linked to higher blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease. We are advised to have no more than 2000mg sodium each day, but less than that is better for our health.

Date modified: 8 November 2018
First published: Jan 2011


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