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Shopping for low-FODMAP foods

If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), then following a low-FODMAP diet may relieve symptoms.*

Here are some useful additions to a low-FODMAP pantry and fridge.

Anchor Zero Lacto Tummy Friendly Milk

All the goodness of milk without the lactose. With 10g protein and 332mg calcium per 250ml serve.

Mas Portell Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Natural Garlic

Get the garlic flavour without the pain!

Retro Organics Lactose Free Natural Traditional Greek Yoghurt

Higher in saturated fat so keep the serve size down. Have a dollop with some low-FODMAP fruit.

Vogel’s Café-Style Light almond & Ancient Grains

This cereal is designed to minimise ingredients high in FODMAPs. It still has plenty of fibre and less than 15 per cent sugar.

Canned Lentils No Added Salt

These can be tolerated if kept to a 1/2 cup serve as the oligosaccharides leach out. A source of protein especially for vegetarians.

Date modified: May 29 2019
First published: April 2017

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