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Smart swaps: Protein

Protein is one of the three macronutrients in our diet. That means, along with fat and carbohydrates, it’s one of our main sources of energy. Our body uses protein as building blocks for new cells, muscles and hormones. Protein is found in both animal and plant foods.

Eating protein at each meal can give us more satiety – that feeling of fullness – than carbohydrate or fat in our food, so making smart swaps for more protein may help us feel fuller for longer.

Try these substitutions to pack in the protein

Any product examples given here were correct at time of publication. However, remember to check the ingredients and nutrition information every so often, as these can change over time.

Swap a plain salad for a salad with a hard-boiled egg to boost protein by 7g.
Swap 2 slices (95g) premium ham for a small (95g) can of Sealord Tuna Sensations Sweet Thai Chilli in your lunch salad or sandwich to boost protein by 11g.
Top your usual breakfast smoothie with 2 tablespoons of chopped walnuts and boost your protein by 3.5g.
Instead of a plain rice and vege salad try a rice, vege and bean salad by adding in quarter of a 400g can Wattie’s Four Bean Mix in Spring Water. You’ll get 7g more protein.
Want a protein boost in your coffee or on your cereal? Enjoy a high-protein milk (such as Anchor Protein+) instead of light blue and get an extra 7g protein per 250ml (1 cup) serve.
Swap your plain vege stir-fry for a higher-protein version by adding 50g Bean Supreme Firm Style Tofu. You’ll boost your protein by 6.5g per 50g serve.

Date modified: 18 July 2019
First published: Aug 2019


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