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Smart swaps: Wholefood – Fibre

Hitting your daily suggested dietary target (SDT) for fibre (28g for women and 38g for men) doesn’t mean you have to reach for processed or packaged foods.

Just eating nuts, fruit and veges with their skin on is an easy way to get more fibre. Mixing up your sources of fibre means that you’ll benefit from both soluble and insoluble fibre.

Veges, nuts, legumes, seeds and grains are all good choices. Swapping to the higher-fibre wholefood choices below will also increase your fibre intake, which will help to keep your digestive system healthy, protect against bowel cancer, grow happy gut bacteria and stave off hunger for longer.

Fill up on fibre with these smart swaps:


Swap 1/3 cup uncooked brown rice for the same amount of quinoa to boost fibre by 2g.
Swapping frozen corn for frozen peas will up your fibre from 3g to 5g per ½ cup
Swap wheat bran for chia seeds for a fibre boost of 2g per tablespoon.
Enjoy 2 green kiwifruit instead of an orange and get 2g more fibre.
Instead of snacking on cashew nuts, try almonds to double your fibre from 2.5g to 5g per ¼ cup.
Enjoy Chicken quinoa and kale salad bowl instead of Spiced chicken and cashew pilaf and double your fibre from 6g to 12g per serve.