Try this: Medjool dates

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Try this: Medjool dates

If you haven’t tried Medjool dates, you’re in for a surprise as these are quite different from their dried cousins. These sweet, juicy dates are a delicious treat.

Two Medjool dates have around 560kJ, so don’t go overboard on them. Those two dates will, however, provide 4.6g fibre and 330mg potassium — more than you can say for your average confectionery treat! As an alternative, try freezing them for a chewy caramel-like treat.

As they tend to stick to teeth they’re probably best to have before, rather than after, a meal (see The HFG guide to oral hygiene for more information).

Recipe ideas

Roast lamb with fruity garlic stuffing
Choc-cranberry bliss balls

First published: April 2017


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