Try this: Sauerkraut juice

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Try this: Sauerkraut juice

Sauerkraut, or pickled cabbage, is said to have gut health-promoting properties, but are there any health benefits from drinking its juice?

What is it?

Sauerkraut juice is the liquid that comes from cabbage when making sauerkraut.

Why try it?

Like sauerkraut, the juice contains bacteria that can help us grow a range of good gut bacteria. Eating and drinking probiotic foods may help prevent a range of health problems.

As other brands come onto the market, the watch point will be the amount of sodium in them. Salt is added to the cabbage to help release the liquid so, like sauerkraut, the juice has the potential to be high in sodium. Be Nourished Raw Sauerkraut Ruby Juice contains 82mg sodium per 30ml serving (273mg per 100ml*) so it’s moderate in sodium.

How do I use it?

Sauerkraut juice can be especially useful if you don’t like cabbage, as it can be easily disguised in smoothies, juices or as a salad dressing. If you drink the juice neat, follow it with a glass of water, as sauerkraut juice can be quite acidic.

Brands to try

  • Be Nourished (NZ)
  • Living Goodness (NZ)
  • Ceres Organics (NZ)
  • The Sauekraut Company (UK)
  • Biotta (US)
  • Kehoe’s Kitchen (Aus)

*We checked with the manufacturer, as some labels were not correct.

First published: Jan 2018
Last updated: June 15, 2021

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