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10 things the HFG team have learnt

10 things the HFG team have learnt

You can make pancakes using just banana and eggs. No other ingredients are necessary. And they are delicious and fluffy and hold together as if by a miracle. Jenny de Montalk, editor

Eggs are not the devil’s food — they can actually be a great meal. And red lentil pasta goes brown when cooked — very disappointing. Meredith Baldwin, art director

There’s no substitute for making your own food. Some foods have many unnecessary ingredients. But it’s good to see some food companies improving this. Katrina Pace, registered nutritionist

Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram! And there is no ‘miracle product’ that is going to replace healthy food. Kayla Brunton, digital coordinator

Life is much better when you work as a team and bring out the best from each other. Claire Turnbull, nutritionist

If I ever go vegan, Oreos are still on the menu. And I can have my cake and eat it, as long as I get my 5+ veges a day, because balance is key. Tasha Pienaar, sub-editor

A healthy diet isn’t one size fits all. But, it will always be based on whole foods. This means, cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen are so important. If there was only ever one piece of advice I could give? Eat more vegetables. Rose Carr, senior nutritionist

I’ve learnt how to search for a salad on iStock without getting 1200 images of a woman eating an apple. And that coconut oil is actually not that good for you. Hayley Pearce, designer

Despite all the apparent ‘debate’ about how to eat to be healthy, there are some universal truths, and chief among them? Eat more plants. Niki Bezzant, editor-at-large

For health advice to be reliable it needs to be based on many peer-reviewed scientific studies, rather than one experiment or trial. It’s easy to get too excited about the latest research and draw conclusions that are simply not there. Phil Ryan, managing director

First published: Nov 2019
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