Kick-start: Editor’s welcome

Kick-start: Editor’s welcome

It’s great that you’re here.

The simple act of grabbing your copy of this year’s Kick-start Plan means you’ve taken your first small step towards a healthier way of living that can last. And this is worth celebrating because big change takes small steps. Forgetting this important fact can be our undoing when it comes to making healthier, kinder choices for ourselves.

At some point, most of us have wanted to change something about the way we live or feel. It usually happens when things build up over time — maybe walking to the corner shop has us puffing, or nothing in the wardrobe fits quite as comfortably as it once did, or cooking dinner has become a bore. So, with great gusto we decide, all at once, to ban any treat food from our diets, go for a run every day, join boot camp and Pilates and never drink a glass of wine again. But, within a day or week or month of being hungry, bored and sore, motivation starts to wane, willpower bends, then breaks, and suddenly it’s all too hard. Then we don’t just ‘fall off the wagon’, we douse it in petrol, set it alight and push it off a cliff. The worst part is that it feels like failing, like we haven’t got what it takes, so why even bother?

This scenario is not a lack of willpower or some other internal flaw — it’s a matter of the formula being wrong. Big, sustainable change rarely comes from deprivation and doing things we hate. Instead, it is the sum of many small steps all heading in one direction. When we set small, achievable goals to tackle one at a time, moving onto the next once one is accomplished, slowly but surely, new and healthier habits are incorporated into our lives. And when we have accumulated enough healthy habits, big change happens without ever feeling denied, or like a failure or like there’s even any sort of bandwagon to fall off.

One day you just wake up and find you’re nourishing your body well because you love the way healthy food makes you feel, and tastes, and you’re moving your body because it’s strong and you like where it takes you.

Now that’s the change you deserve!

First published: September 2019
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