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10 ways with dried herbs

10 ways with dried herbs

Get set for flavour town with these easy ways to up the ‘yum’ factor — without any salt, sugar or fat!

1 Whip up a tasty pasta sauce by roasting halved cherry tomatoes sprinkled with dried basil in extra-virgin olive oil, then blitzing until smooth.

2 Coat a can of drained, rinsed chickpeas in olive oil, dried coriander and a pinch of dried chilli flakes, then roast until deep golden and crunchy.

3 Cook brown basmati rice in reduced-salt stock, with a good sprinkling of dried dill, for a new flavour sensation.

4 Sprinkle dried chives over boiled potatoes before mashing with milk and butter.

5 Toss potatoes in olive oil, dried rosemary and dried thyme, then roast until golden.

6 Add a generous pinch of dried parsley to your eggy frittata mixture before baking.

7 Make a refreshing beverage by steeping dried mint leaves in a pot of boiling water.

8 Marinate chicken breast fillets in dried oregano, lemon juice and olive oil before barbecuing or grilling.

9 Fold dried sage through wholemeal breadcrumbs before crumbing fillets of chicken or pork.

10 Combine tuna, finely sliced celery stalks, plain yoghurt and dried tarragon for a delicious sandwich filling.

Store dried herbs in screw-top glass jars or air-tight containers
in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Date modified: 9 November 2022
First published: Nov 2022


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