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12 days of KINDMAS

Research shows that when you are kind to another person, not only does it benefit them, it supports your own wellbeing too! When you do good for others, it’s a bit like a ripple on a pond. If you’re kind or helpful to someone else, that person is more likely to want to be kind and helpful to others they encounter, and so on. Everyone wins – the giver, the receiver and, interestingly, even observers benefit too!

This time of year opens up the perfect opportunity to practice acts of kindness as well as show appreciation to the people in our lives who really matter. It is also a time to remember to reach out to those who are less fortunate or who are having a tough time to offer support.

That’s why this month we have created a ‘12 days of KINDMAS’ challenge for you!

The last few years have really taken their toll on humanity. Along with your friends, colleagues and loved ones, no doubt you will be trying to deal with the increasing financial pressure of the modern world, managing changes to the way you work and live in these post-COVID times, and navigating never-ending uncertainly among other things. This challenge aims to revive a sense of positivity, solidarity, and community spirit.

This month’s challenge:

Part 1 BE KIND: Carry out the 12 acts of kindness listed below in the 12 days leading up to Christmas, (12th-23rd December). You can print this PDF and tick acts of kindness off as you go!

Part 2 INSPIRE KINDNESS: Spread kindness by sharing this challenge with friends, connections and loved ones so they can support the spread of kindness even further. You can print out the PDF and give them a copy to make it super easy!


  • Day 1: Compliment someone, maybe even a stranger
  • Day 2: Genuinely thank someone (for something past or present).
  • Day 3: Donate to a meaningful cause.
  • Day 4: Share more smiles today.
  • Day 5: Go out of your way to help someone.
  • Day 6: Apologise to someone (for something recent or in the past).
  • Day 7: Do something good for the environment.
  • Day 8: Give the gift of your time today
  • Day 9: Check up on someone.
  • Day 10: Give away something of yours.
  • Day 11: Do something kind for yourself (pressure is always on this time of year)
  • Day 12: Choose your own act of kindness, then share it with someone (or use an event wall, if your workplace has set one up)

Enjoy the challenge!


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