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3 ways to boost the goodness in your soup

pumpkin soup

Baby it’s cold outside!  When temperatures drop, we all love a comforting bowl of soup.  With a couple of simple tweaks, you can turn a simple dish into a hearty, vegie-packed meal using store bought soups as a base. Canned or packaged soup is a family dinner winner — convenient, comforting and low cost. Grab a can or packet and try one of these ideas to create something special:

1. Serve lighter soups with a side of mashed avo on wholegrain toast.

Avocado toast

2. Add chickpeas, lentils or canned beans to boost the hunger-busting protein content.


3. Include a handful of vibrant greens, such as baby spinach, broccolini or frozen peas.




Date modified: 3 November 2022
First published: Jul 2022


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