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5 health benefits of cherries

Health benefits of cherries

Ruby red cherries have a short season in Australia, while NZ-grown cherries start making an appearance in stores from late November. Here are five great reasons to make the most of them this season!

1. Immune support

Just one cup contains around two thirds of your daily vitamin C needs to support a strong and healthy immune system.

2. Antioxidant powerhouse

Cherries are jam-packed with anthocyanins. These disease-fighting antioxidants have anti-bacterial properties and are linked to good heart health.

3. Heart health

Cherries contain vitamin E, which is important for the heart. One cup provides around seven per cent of your daily needs.

4. Sleep saviour

Cherries are one of only a handful of foods that contain melatonin, a compound that supports good sleep.

5. Perfectly portioned

Low in kilojoules, cherries make a good snack if you are trying to whittle your waistline. One cup contains a mere 370kJ (89cal).

For more advice on cherries, we recommend: Why we like cherries or 10 ways with cherries.

Date modified: 14 November 2022
First published: November 2022


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