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How to crumb fish fillets

Are you cooking less fish than you’d like through slight fear of the unknown? Follow our easy step-by-step guide for perfect crumbed fish every time

1. Heat the oven to medium-high. Pat the fish dry with kitchen paper. Dip in flour to coat lightly, then in beaten egg.

2. Spread dried breadcrumbs over a plate, then toss the fish in them to cover evenly.

3. Line a baking tray with baking paper, add the coated fish and bake for 20–25 min until golden and cooked.

To check fish is cooked…

Flake one of the fillets with a fork – it should come apart easily (serve yourself this one). The flesh should be moist and white all the way through, not translucent.

Try these delicious crumbed fish recipes:


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