In the garden: July

When temperatures dip, you can still do some planting:

  • Plant asparagus crowns in a sunny spot with good drainage.
  • Sow vegetable seeds such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, onions, spinach, swede, silver beet and turnip.
  • Plant garlic and shallots.

It's also a good time to allow our soil to rest, or condition the earth structure for spring planting by adding compost, mulch and minerals. If you choose to do this, why not pot plant some of your kitchen garden?

Indoor herbs

In winter, sit potted herbs in a sunny spot – try the windowsill – but be careful not to overwater. Basil and coriander are quite happy indoors year-round.

Outdoor potatoes

Potatoes prefer sheltered, sunny spots. Drill holes in the bottom of a bucket and plant 2-3 seed potatoes in rich potting mix with added compost and a fertiliser. Quarter-fill the bucket. When seed potatoes sprout, top up with more of the soil mix until the bucket is full. Alternatively, once the seed potatoes have sprouted, transplant to a warm spot in the garden.

First published: Jul 2009

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