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Kiwi frog

When time is short and kids are hungry we need something simple to feed them. If it’s exciting too, then even better!

Here is a very easy frog that is sure to be a winner.



  • kiwifruit
  • apple (or pear) for the eyes
  • grapes


Step 1 Cut a kiwifruit in half and cut a head shape from one end.

Step 2 Then use the other end to make a body.

Step 3 I cut big eyes from a slice of apple.

Step 4 Then as I had a dual colour pack of grapes, I cut pupils and mouth from a black grape (you can always use the skin side from the slice of apple or pear if no dark grapes on hand).

Step 5 Before making back legs from green grapes cut in half.

I also added some funky kiwi feet.

Step 6 And used more kiwi to make the ‘hands’.

Quick and simple!

Date modified: February 11 2021
First published: Jun 2014

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