Never miss a Monday: Kick-start every week off well, with regular exercise.

Never miss a Monday: Kick-start every week off well, with regular exercise.

After some online inspiration at the end of last year, I have a new exercise mantra for 2019: Never miss a Monday. Two months in, I can confirm I have never missed exercising on a Monday.

Some days it’s just been 10 minutes, other days it’s been a yoga session with friends. But, bottom-line, I have moved my body through exercise on every Monday this year. My new mantra has set me up for the week and I will make sure I keep it up all year.

I’ve been surprised – for someone like me, who is used to exercising regularly – how much I’ve enjoyed having the motivation to start the week. I like starting the week strong and I know when I exercise, I’m a better person for it. So, instead of suffering from Monday-itis, I look forward to how I feel when I kick-start my week.

I’ve also realised that because I committed to ‘never missing a Monday’ on social media and to my family, I have added motivation to keep going. I feel accountable. This is something for us to all consider, when setting goals around our fitness, to inspire us to keep on going.

Starting the week out with an accomplishment is another great thing about never missing exercise on a Monday. When we complete a goal, we feel a sense of satisfaction, mainly thanks to a release of the neurotransmitter dopamine giving a sense of well-being. By getting a hit of dopamine early in the week, the body wants more of the same. And it makes me want to make sure I fit in more exercise throughout the week.

And my friends are joining in too, which makes my heart sing. A simple text message to another mate with ‘never miss a Monday’ has become a great reminder to simply get it done. I’ve missed plenty of Mondays in the past so, for me, this has been a real win.

Having a commitment to your health and well-being through regular exercise will have an effect on other areas of your life.

So, each Monday, set your alarm early or make sure you get a quick blast of physical activity in your day so you can be the best version of yourself. Never miss a Monday.

Wall squat

1 With your back against the wall and your feet out in front of you, go into a squat position. Hold this position for up to 30 seconds and feel some good fire in your legs.

Romanian deadlifts (RDLS)

1 Starting position is standing tall with core switched on.

2 Bend your right knee and float your left leg backwards. Aim to keep a straight line from your left leg through your spine. Use left hand as a counter balance and place right hand on your hip to help keep steady. Swap sides.
First published: Mar 2019

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