No-cook summer dinner ideas

You will have a meal on the table in no time at all – and no cooking involved. Perfect for summer time evening relaxation meals.

Rice paper rolls

Chop up salad veges, carrot, cucumber, cabbage and other crunchy raw veges. Combine with cooked chicken or prawns and a dressing made from fish sauce, sweet chilli sauce and lime juice. Soak rice paper rounds in warm water and fill with salad mix.

Smoked chicken bread salad

Shred a smoked chicken breast. Combine in a bowl with chopped avocado, chopped tomato, salad greens, chunks of grainy bread and sliced spring onion. Dress with vinaigrette and toss well.

Chickpea salad

Drain a can of chickpeas. Combine with leftover roast veges, salad greens, nuts and cold, cooked chicken if you have it. Dress with your favourite mustard-flavoured vinaigrette.

Ploughman’s dinner

Empty the fridge of all the leftovers and half-empty jars. Arrange on platters: cold meat, chutney and pickles, chunks of cheese, raw vege sticks and olives. Add crusty bread and call it a meal.

First published: Feb 2009

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