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Salad house

I’m always looking for simple but creative ways to present salad veg…

Making it that little bit more exciting makes a salad a ‘must eat’ and it’s an excellent way to prepare a plate for a play date or to present food at a school/kindergarten event. You can always add a healthy dip at the side, too, to jazz it up.

I’ve used the veg I had on hand but you can substitute anything you have in the fridge.



  • carrot
  • cucumber
  • celery
  • red capsicum
  • baby spinach
  • red cabbage
  • avocado


Step 1 Cut the carrot into batons and form into a rough square.

Step 2 Then use more carrot for the triangular roof.

Step 3 Fill the roof with celery tiles.

Step 4 Cut cucumber into squares for the windows.

Step 5 Then use the discarded cucumber skin for the detail on the windows.

Step 6 Use a red capsicum to make a shiny, red door.

Step 7 Give the door a celery handle and the roof a carrot chimney.

Step 8 Use more cucumber for grass and add a celery trunk for the tree.

Step 9 Give the tree some foliage by trimming a baby spinach leaf and grow some avocado bushes.

Step 10 Finally, add some red cabbage smoke and steps.

Then watch it get demolished…!