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The sustainable shopper: How green is your summer?

The holidays are here, and with them comes relaxed, outdoor eating, beach, bach and barbecues. Here are some tips for little things you can do to reduce your summer carbon footprint.

  • Go local! If you're heading away, consider a local destination rather than flying somewhere exotic.
  • Make the most of that barbecue fuel: when you fire up the barbie, try and use as much of the energy as you can to cook with. Instead of just a few steaks, try adding extra meat or veges for a future meal, or once you've finished cooking, use the residual heat to slow-roast tomatoes or other veges (this works well with hooded barbies).
  • Ditch the patio heater (do they really work, anyway?) and try a jumper instead.
  • Explore chemical-free options for insect repellent instead of ones loaded with petrochemicals.
  • Celebrate the seasonal and local produce. There's no better time of year to become a locavore, wherever you are. On holiday, discover the local specialty and enjoy it.
  • Calculate your carbon footprint and resolve to get it down this year. Visit www.myfootprint.org and spend a little time taking the quiz to find out your impact on the planet.

See Turn over a new leaf: How to live more sustainably for more tips on sustainable living.

Date modified: 3 April 2017
First published: Jan 2008


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