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Two-minute health quiz

Asian woman with question marks above her head

How healthy are you really? Get your health snapshot done in as little as two minutes with our fun health quiz.

1 How often do you eat fruit and vegetables?

A Several times a day
B A few times a week
C Rarely

2 How often do you eat wholegrain foods like oats or brown grainy bread?

A Daily
B A few times a week
C Rarely

3 How often do you eat red meat?

A Once or twice a week, or less
B 3–4 times a week
C Almost every day

4 How often do you eat seafood?

A Several times a week
B Once a week to once a month
C Rarely, if at all

5 How often do you eat out?

A Rarely
B A few times a week
C Almost every day

6 How often do you drink alcohol?

A Rarely
B A few times a week
C Almost every day

7 What best describes your physical activity levels?

A I exercise for 30 minutes or more most days of the week
B I try to exercise a few times every week
C I rarely exercise

8 What is your waist circumference?

A Less than 80cm (for women) or less than 94cm (for men)
B 80–88cm (for women) or 94–102cm (for men)
C More than 88cm (for women) or more than 102cm (for men)

9 How much sleep do you get on average each night?

A 7–9 hours
B 5–7 hours
C Less than 5 hours or more than 9 hours

What your answers say about you…

Mostly A’s Congratulations! You’re doing a lot of good things for your long-term health. Keep up the good work!

Mostly B’s There’s a few things to work on, but you’re on the right track in some regards. It might be helpful to seek advice from a registered dietitian to help improve your eating habits.

Mostly C’s Let’s be honest — there’s a lot of room for improvement. Work towards improving your score, and check in with your doctor in the meantime.

First published: Feb 2020

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