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What does ‘baked not fried’ mean?

Is it really healthier to buy products that claim to be ‘baked not fried’?

Fried food is recommended to be limited as it tends to be high in saturated fat and energy.

But manufactured baked foods can be just as high, so be wary when you see the label ‘baked not fried’.

Some snack foods are low in fat: pretzels are usually low in fat, some less than 3%, and many rice crackers are less than 4% fat.

But some crackers with the ‘baked not fried’ label are more than 25% fat! ‘Baked not fried’ by itself is meaningless.

You need to read the nutrition panel to know what you’re getting. Check the total and saturated fat content, per 100g, and compare to other products.

First published: Jul 2007
Last updated: November 23, 2021