Ask the experts: Iodine for vegetarians

Ask the experts: Iodine for vegetarians

Q: "I am a vegetarian for medical reasons and I'm concerned about getting enough iodine since I don't eat fish or iodised salt. What foods have sufficient quantities of iodine in them?"


A: We asked dietitian Fiona Carruthers to respond:

"Good sources of iodine for vegetarians include dairy products and eggs. Dairy products contain lower levels of iodine than in the past due to the use of less cleaning compounds called iodophors by the dairy industry. They can still make a useful contribution to a meat-free diet though, where the range of available sources is reduced. Iodine is also found in seaweed, so vegetarian sushi could provide an extra source for you. For a flaky iodised sea salt try a Pacific Iodized Flaky Sea Salt."

First published: Oct 2006
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