Ask the experts: Salad dressings

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Ask the experts: Salad dressings

Q: “I make a salad dressing with NZ cold-pressed olive oil, cider vinegar, garlic, a little seeded mustard and seasoning. The olive oil-to-vinegar ratio is two-to-one. Is this a healthy choice? I find you use lemon and balsamic a lot in your dressings.”


A: HFG senior nutritionist Rose Carr responds:

This is a perfectly healthy choice. My only suggestion — and it’s really just for anyone who is watching their weight — would be to change the oil to vinegar ratio to one-to-one, as the oil is so energy dense. One tablespoon of oil has 520kJ, so if you need to gain weight, as some people do, use a bit more.

Try our makeover salad dressings, to add distinct flavour (without excess kilojoules) to any simple leafy green salad.

First published: Mar 2012

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