Ask the experts: Tomato intolerance

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Ask the experts: Tomato intolerance

Q: "My husband and children have a tomato intolerance. I really miss lasagne and other quick and healthy meals which have canned tomatoes in them. Do you have any ideas on what I could use as a replacement?"


A: We asked Bronwen King, a chef and registered nutritionist, to help out:

"While I can't think of a single commercial product that could successfully replace canned tomatoes in savoury dishes, I do have some helpful suggestions.

  • Make large quantities of Tomato-free pasta sauce. Freeze in portions and use instead of canned tomatoes in recipes such as pasta sauces and lasagne.
  • Make your own savoury plum sauce. Reduce the sugar in a normal plum sauce recipe. Use this in cooking instead of tomato paste on pizzas, for example.
  • Use a traditional (sweeter) plum sauce instead of tomato sauce.
  • Use puréed carrot or pumpkin thinned to the same consistency in dishes requiring tomato purée. Cook your own or use canned pumpkin or carrot soup."
First published: Sep 2008
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