Bear sandwich

Lunchboxes are a constant chore and even when we’re busy and stressed, we need to take time to ensure a nutritious balanced meal. When they come back empty, it’s worth it!

Simple animal faces only take a few minutes but can create lots of excitement.



  • bread
  • cheese
  • olives (or raisins)
  • cucumber (or other veg)
  • carrots (or other veg)


Step 1 Place sandwich into the lunchbox and add an oval of cheese for the nose area.

Step 2 Add two circles of cheese for the eyes.

Step 3 Then olives for pupils.

Step 4 Use a circle of cucumber for the tip of the nose.

Step 5 Slice a disc of carrot in half for the ears.

If the lid doesn’t fit snugly, pack with a bit of cardboard to hold in place.


Judith Yeabsley is a mum of two boys who is
passionate about healthy food for kids. Her blog
The Art of Nutrition is a popular place to find inspiration for fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small. Judith describes her mission as “how to present healthy food creatively so it is delicious looking and impulse-creating, so kids can’t wait to tackle the plate”. The focus is fruit, vegetables and whole grains. The plates are designed to be made by the average time-poor parent, in the average kitchen, using readily available ingredients and working on a budget.

First published: Jul 2015

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