Mandarin lion

Mandarins are so sweet at this time of the year, it’s a shame not to make the most of them.

Here’s a cute, fun food lion that’s a perfect snack size.



  • mandarin
  • red apple
  • raisin (or date)


Step 1 Peel the mandarin and split open carefully.

Step 2 Cut a ‘face’ shape from the cheek of the apple.

Step 3 Then some apple ears.

Step 4 Fashion a nose from a bit of raisin.

Step 5 Cut a tongue from the skin side of the apple.

Step 6 Then use more apple for the eyes and the insides of the ears.

Step 7 Raisin pupils give him a bit more personality!

Step 8 And apple sliced thinly makes excellent whiskers.

Step 9 Decorate the plate and it’s ready to serve.


Judith Yeabsley is a mum of two boys who is
passionate about healthy food for kids. Her blog
The Art of Nutrition is a popular place to find
inspiration for fun, healthy, creative food for kids
big and small. Judith describes her mission as
“how to present healthy food creatively so it is
delicious looking and impulse-creating, so kids
can’t wait to tackle the plate”. The focus is fruit, vegetables and whole
grains. The plates are designed to be made by the average time-poor
parent, in the average kitchen, using readily available ingredients and
working on a budget.

First published: Jul 2014
Last updated: April 3 2017
Last science review: October 10 2016

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