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Melon caterpillar

Melon caterpillar

This is a very simple dish to make, and honeydew is so sweet it’s a perfect fruit for dessert.

It’s a great design for a share plate as the segments can be individually stabbed with a fork or grabbed with a nice clean hand!



  • honeydew melon (or other melon if you prefer)
  • pumpkin seeds for the legs (sunflower seeds, raisins or cut blueberries would work perfectly as well)
  • cherries for the eyes and mouth (blueberries would be a good substitute, sliced dates are great too)
  • cherry stalks for the antennae (or you could use herbs like fresh rosemary)


Step 1 Cut the melon into segments. I make a rough rectangle and then cut two sloping sides at the top.

Step 2 Add more segments until the caterpillar is long enough. I generally make the ones at the back slightly smaller.

Step 3 Add a large, roughly circular piece for the head and a triangular piece for the tail.

Step 4 Place pumpkin seeds down each side as legs.

Step 5 Add cherry stalks as antennae.

Step 6 Cut the cheek from either side of a cherry for the eyes then add a smiling mouth.

Step 7 Cut little disks of melon for the pupils.

Step 8 Then I added some small pieces of melon and cherry for the ground.

First published: Mar 2014

Thanks, you're good to go!


Thanks, you're good to go!


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