Pancake turtle

As it’s the school holidays, I prepared myself for hungry mouths by making a batch of buckwheat pancakes and freezing them to use as quick snacks.

I use an egg ring to shape them into small circles and this also means they are the perfect portion size! They can be made without sugar and paired with fruit to give them fresh sweetness and flavour.

Buckwheat pancakes are so easy to use for simple food art. Here’s Max helping to whip up a turtle, which both my boys then devoured with glee.



  • pancake (I use buckwheat)
  • banana
  • raisins (or blueberries)


Step 1 Cook a pancake. I used an egg ring to give me the circular shape or you can just make a regular pancake and then use a cookie cutter or glass to cut out the body.

Step 2 Cut a neck and head from banana.

Step 3 Use banana slices cut in half to make the arms and legs.

Step 4 Then raisins cut in half for the eyes.

Step 5 More banana forms the tail.

Step 6 Then we sliced off some raisin to give him toes.

Step 7 A bit more banana for decoration and we’re ready to eat.


Judith Yeabsley is a mum of two boys who is
passionate about healthy food for kids. Her blog
The Art of Nutrition is a popular place to find inspiration for fun, healthy, creative food for kids big and small. Judith describes her mission as “how to present healthy food creatively so it is delicious looking and impulse-creating, so kids can’t wait to tackle the plate”. The focus is fruit, vegetables and whole grains. The plates are designed to be made by the average time-poor parent, in the average kitchen, using readily available ingredients and working on a budget.

First published: Jan 2015
Last updated: April 3 2017
Last science review: October 10 2016

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