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Strawberry birds

Strawberry birds

Summer is the perfect time to be outside reconnecting with nature. No bush walk would be complete without seeing some birds, although not sure these ones are natives!



  • pineapple (melon/apple/pear)
  • strawberries
  • cream cheese (yoghurt/coconut cream)
  • blueberries (raisins)
  • mint (basil/coriander/parsley)


Step 1 Make a trunk for the tree from pineapple.

Step 2 Add some top branches.

Step 3 Use edible leaves to give the tree foliage.

Step 4 Cut strawberries in half to create the birds.

Step 5 Give them some nice ‘googly’ cream cheese eyes.

Step 6 Then use a slice of blueberry for each pupil.

Step 7 A triangle of strawberry can be placed under the eyes for the beaks.

Step 8 Then add some chopped leaves as grass under the tree to finish off.

First published: Jan 2015

Thanks, you're good to go!


Thanks, you're good to go!


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