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Underwater salad

Underwater salad

My boys enjoy salad but it just seems so much more appealing when it looks cute and fun. It’s a great afternoon snack.

The long, lazy days of summer holidays are a distant memory – boo hoo. But it’s still sunny and warm and thoughts of the beach flash behind our sunnies. What better way to pay homage to summer than with a salad celebrating our beautiful underwater fauna.

Joe is helping me prepare, and then tucking in with real delight.




  • cucumber
  • celery
  • carrot
  • red capsicum/bell pepper


Step 1 Slice cucumber quite thickly then cut in half to make the jellyfish body.

Step 2 Use a peeler or sharp knife to take thin slices off a baton of celery for the tentacles.

Step 3 Use a large carrot to make the head of the fish.

Step 4 And add a tail.

Step 5 Before adding fins.

Step 6 Use cucumber flesh and skin to give them big, cartoony eyes.

Step 7 Then I moved the fish to make room for the starfish!

Step 8 Use a sharp knife to cut a star shape from the large cheek of a capsicum (cutting inside out gives a sharper result).

Step 9 Giving it eyes just brings it to life.

Step 10 And finally, finely chop some of the leftovers for the seabed.

First published: Feb 2015

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