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Valentine’s lovebirds

Valentine's lovebirds

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and my boys may not be that excited about love yet but they’re very motivated about food! The fresh corn at this time of the year is delicious and looks just like little feathers for a special pair of birds.

Joe is delighted to be asked to help create in the kitchen and there are never any complaints about ‘testing’.



  • celery (or carrot)
  • corn
  • radish (or capsicum)
  • red capsicum
  • carrot (or cucumber)
  • olive (or raisin/blueberry)


Step 1 Cut a baton of celery for the branch.

Step 2 Slice some corn carefully off the cob so the kernels stay intact (a sharp knife really helps). Cut so the bottom tapers in and angle the top a little too to give a ‘body’ shape. Angle the bodies together.

Step 3 Slice two circles of radish to form the heads. A little semi-circle cut from the bottom enables the heads to be fitted snugly over the bodies.

Step 4 Use the inside of the radish to make a pair of beaks to entwine.

Step 5 Then more for the eyes.

Step 6 Use the dark pink radish to cut two tails.

Step 7 And capsicum for the wings.

Step 8 Cut love hearts from a large carrot which is quite simple with a sharp knife. I made the top ones hollow but that’s not necessary!

Step 9 Use a bit of olive for the pupils.

Step 10 A final heart… happy Valentine’s Day!

First published: Feb 2015

Thanks, you're good to go!


Thanks, you're good to go!


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